In 2016 KA-TYA released her debut EP “Sky Above”. The EP features a vivid soundscape of ethereal synth textures, rickety upright piano and dramatic programmed beats. Australia’s top music industry blogs called it “an indie pop masterpiece” (Tone Deaf, AU), “deeply imaginative and perfectly unhinged” (WildnFree, AU) and “spellbinding... Haunting and joyful.” (Mismatch TV, AU).

In 2017, KA-TYA went travelling to New York City, where she released “Beautiful Faces”, a neon-lit pop gem premiered by New York City’s top music blog The Deli and described as “a supremely catchy and glorious piece of indie-pop perfection” by Irish music blog Barrygruff.

In 2018, KA-TYA released her debut music video, “Little House”, a low-fi wintertime memoryscape that features footage of her as a child and her young parents in Ukraine in the early 90s.

After discovering a stock of dusty VHS footage from her childhood in Ukraine, she teamed up with New York actor Stephen Stocking to create a video that plays on the song’s haunting nostalgia, weaving flashes of memory and color that are just out of reach. Australia’s top music blog said this of her music: “KA-TYA has nailed the art of hooking an audience with her haunting vocals and emotional sensuality” (Happy Mag music blog, AU).

Later that year, she released another 90’s garage pop single “Heart Around Your Name” which turns “the sweet awkwardness of teen desire into a fun, cheeky and flirty anthem to boy-crazy love” (Vents Magazine, New York). Finally, in late 2018 KA-TYA released her debut studio sessions music video “Peter”, which “balances gracefully between heartbreak and hope” (Happy Mag, AU).

KA-TYA has appeared on television, radio, performed extensively around Australia and America and has collaborated with high profile artists, including Zulya Kamalova, an award winning Tatar artist. KA-TYA writes and performs in Russian and English.