KA-TYA releases new garage-pop teen anthem Heart Around Your Name

Dig out your Discman and unroll your posters of Joshua Jackson, because Soviet-born Melbourne artist KA-TYA is returning with tongue-in-cheek 90s garage-pop tune Heart Around Your Name. A playful joyride back in time to a Teenage Dirtbag type of party, KA-TYA’s Katia Pshenichner turns the sweet awkwardness of teen desire into a fun, cheeky and flirty anthem to boy-crazy love.    

Written with friend and collaborator Harry Hall during a songwriting stint together while living in Canberra, Heart Around Your Name follows the pair’s previous co-write Beautiful Faces released in 2017. The jangly pop charmer was premiered by The Deli (NY), and lauded as a ‘supremely catchy and glorious piece of indie-pop perfection’ (Barrygruff). Heart Around Your Name sees KA-TYA take it up a notch to flawlessly energetic and impeccable garage goodness.  

“The song came together quite literally in one evening,” explains Katia. “We’d been playing around with one of Harry’s melodies for weeks, but couldn't figure out where to take it. I was experimenting with a chorus that was feeling a little too serious. Once I showed it to Harry, he came up with the ‘call and response’ idea, and all of a sudden the song turned into a playful teen-flirtation song.”

Having experimented with synth-heavy dark-pop and irreverent quirk-pop in the past few years, Heart Around Your Name is KA-TYA’s next exploratory journey into a whole new genre of Buffy-inspired grunge. It was Melbourne producer and artist Josh the Cat (Joshua Teicher) who suggested taking the song into the zone of 90s garage, a flash of brilliance which pushed Katia out of her comfort zone. 

 “I was skeptical I could even pull that sound off!” said Katia. “Luckily I was sick on the day of the recording so my voice had a little more husk than normal. It was perfect timing!”  

Co-produced by Josh The Cat and Nicholas Lam (dxHeaven), Heart Around Your Name is the perfect 90s jam to dance to in your MC Hammer style happy pants. Grab your textas and graffiti your maths textbook while you listen.